Kumkuma Puvvu Daily Serial – E3032 – 6th Dec

Show/Serial:Kumkuma Puvvu Daily Serial
Channel:Maa TV

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Serial Plot:
Kumkuma Puvvu is a Telugu serial on Maa TV. Amrutha, Jayanti's illegitimate daughter, is separated from her mother at birth. They are destined to reunite and what happens once they realize the truth weaves the further story.

Kumkuma Puvvu

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Latest Episode:

E3032 – Part1 :Part2 – 6th Dec

Previous Episode:

E3031 – Part1 :Part2 – 5th Dec
E3030 – Part1 :Part2 – 4th Dec
E3029 – Part1 :Part2 – 2nd Dec

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