Krishna Mukunda Murari Daily Serial E68 – 4th Feb

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Krishna Mukunda Murari Daily Serial

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E68 – Part1 : Part2– 4th Feb

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Recent Random Post:

‘Leo – Bloody Sweet’ Promo: Lokesh Follows The ‘Vikram’ Style Once Again!

February 3, 2023

Crazy director Lokesh Kanagaraj released a special video during the announcement of ‘Vikram’. Kamal Hassan is seen cooking for a huge bunch and he is even setting the table for everyone. At the same time, he is positioning all the weapons in the right place so that he could use them when the time is right. Both these two contrasting things are shown at the same time and the title gets revealed in the end. It is made in a wonderful manner and movie lovers get mesmerised by it even now.

He followed the same pattern for his upcoming film with Thalapathy Vijay. The movie was launched on Thursday and the team already took off for starting the first schedule. As announced, they revealed the title of the movie and it is called ‘Leo – Bloody Sweet’. In this promo too, he showed two contrasting visuals. On one hand, he is making a big jar of chocolate syrup. On the other hand, he is making a lengthy sword. We can see a lot of cars coming near his house, he dips the sword in the chocolate syrup and tastes it. He says ‘Bloody Sweet’.

We don’t know if these visuals will make it to the final cut or not. But it is surely hyping up the fans and the general movie lovers. They are going crazy watching this. Anirudh composed a complete English song for this promo and it was in sync with the visuals. Lalith Kumar is the producer of this movie. Manoj Paramahamsa is the director of photography while the action is going to be composed by Anbariv. Philmon Raj is the editor while Sathees Kumar is the art director. Lokesh Kanagaraj, Rathna Kumar and Deeraj Vaidy are the dialogue writers.

The primary cast of this movie includes Thalapathy Vijay, Trisha, Sanjay Dutt, Priya Anand, Arjun and Mansoor Ali Khan. Lokesh Kanagaraj is writing and directing this movie and let us see if he makes a normal hit like a ‘Master’ or a blockbuster like ‘Vikram’ this time.