Komatireddy’s Resignation Acceptance Paves Way For By-poll!

Making the media reports of him leaving the party true, Munugode MLA Komatireddy Raj Gopal Reddy stepped down as the MLA and he even resigned as the Congress leader. His decision paved the way for another intense by-poll in the state. In another big step in his resignation row, the Reddy MLA submitted his resignation to the Assembly speaker.

Komatireddy Raj Gopal Reddy met Telangana Assembly Speaker Pocharam Srinivas Reddy and submitted his resignation. Shortly after he submitted his resignation, it was approved by the Speaker. The way the Speaker’s office accepted the resignation without any delay raised many doubts among political observers.

It has been widely reported that the TRS leadership might have made way for the easy acceptance of the resignation. As the BJP has been winning almost every by-election in the state and the TRS which is locking horns with BJP wants to break the record of BJP.

Moreover, many political observers say that the by-election in the Munugode constituency might decide the political trend in the state and those who win would have a big impact on the upcoming general elections and almost every party took the by-poll seriously.

The TRS is also facing issues with the Telangana wing of Congress and the party is not leaving any stone unturned to target the ruling party. After Revanth Reddy was made the Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee chief, the attack became intense.

It is said that TRS wants to checkmate Bharatiya Janata Party and Congress with the Munugode by-polls. To take on both opposition parties in the state, TRS is believed to have made the resignation acceptance process easy and simple.

The resignation letter submitted by the former Congress leader and current BJP leader Komatireddy Raj Gopal Reddy getting accepted quickly gave birth to many doubts and speculations. Many believe that to create a clear way to take on BJP and Congress on the political battlefield in the form of a by-poll, the ruling party in the state made the Speaker accept the resignation. We have to wait and see which party would win the by-election in the Munugode constituency.

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