Kodali Nani says Chandrababu is already in jail!

SRCP member Kodali Nani is very well known for his very insensitive remarks on opposition leaders and other political members that do not belong to the YSRCP.

Kodali Nani has now once again targeted Chandrababu and has made another set of controversial statements against the ex-Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.

Kodali Nani said that Chandrababu is sitting between 4 walls and that it means that he’s already in jail. Nani said that there’s no difference between staying between 4 walls and a jail, when a person cannot show their face in public.

Nani also said that God punished Babu by making him win only 23 seats in the elections last year, and by taking away people’s trust from him. He also said that Babu gained prominence as a politician after backstabbing NTR, and added that Babu will definitely face the worst for sure.

Kodali Nani also commented on how Babu developed his Heritage business into a Rs. 20,000 Crore company, by selling only dairy products. Nani said that Babu has undoubtedly dwelled in huge amounts of corruption while he was in power, which is why he was able to develop Heritage into such a huge profitable institution.

Furthermore, Nani clearly said that Chandrababu would be brought to court and punished accordingly, once proof of his misdeed were found, and even reassured that the current government would make sure that Babu is punished severely for his crimes.

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