Kim Imposes Life Imprisonment On 2 Years Kid!

There are a few heads of nations who follow anarchy in this developed world. Their ruling is so painful that the punishments they impose make many think that it is their bad luck to be born in such countries. Unfortunately, even in the 21st century, there is no situation of respecting people.

North Korean President Kim Jong Un will be in the top three positions of leaders who show stars to people with their demon’s ruling. The punishments he imposes are so harsh that no words can describe them.

He kills people for even small things and those who tried to have a hairstyle that is similar to Kim faced many issues. The whole world is shocked to know the existing situation in North Korea as a report shed light on how situations are in the country.

Two years is a small age and kids can’t even speak. Their situation is such that they can’t even differentiate between good and bad. But a small kid faced a shocking punishment there.

The Department of Foreign Affairs in America released a report titled International Religious Freedom 2022. The report shed light on how cruelly, Kim is behaving against the other religions.

Around 70,000 Christians are jailed in North Korea and this includes a two-year-old child. Life-term jail was imposed on the kid. Do you know the reason behind imposing the punishment? The family had a religious book at their house. The family reportedly participated in a religious ceremony and this is said to be the reason. The family was arrested in 2009 and a two years kid was also arrested.

People from other religions are being arrested and placed in jails that have terrible situations. The inmates are physically tortured and their rights are also rejected. It is also said that they are sexually harassed as well. The report said that it is common for people who want religious freedom to get tortured. These details became a sensation.

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