Keeping end to long waiting, China’s Long March crumbles in Indian Ocean

The entire world was eagerly waiting to know where the out-of-control rocket, the Long March launched by China will crash. A lot of theories appeared predicting where China’s largest rocket will crash.

Keeping an end to long waiting, the remnants of Long March were disintegrated over the Indian Ocean on Sunday. China Central Television (CCTV), a media network sponsored by the government announced the same.

Quoting the China Manned Space Engineering Office, CCTV said that Long March re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere on Sunday and disintegrated over the Indian Ocean on the morning of Sunday.

Space monitoring agency Space-Track has also confirmed the development and said the rocket is down and whoever is following the Long March movements can now relax. The information and updates on the development can be followed on Twitter/Facebook, the agency said.

‘Everyone else following the #LongMarch5B re-entry can relax. The rocket is down. You can see all relevant information and updates here on Twitter/Facebook, so there is no need to keep visiting the space-track dot org website.,’ Space-Track tweeted.

After the news of China’s Long March gets out of control, a lot of speculations emerged on where the heavy rocket would crash. This development worried the world as we have been fighting the pandemic already.

Proving the predictions of the experts that the chances of China’s rocket to fall on oceans are high, citing that, a vast area on the earth is covered by water, Long March disintegrated over the Indian ocean.

China’s heavy rocket, the Long March was blasted off from China’s Hainan island on April 29. However, the rocket lost its control and made everyone worry about where it will crash.

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