KCR: Modi government taking power away from states

The Central Government has been trying to make a few changes with respect to the electricity department, and many states have already stated their opinions on the matter. Speaking about the issue recently, Telangana CM KCR strongly objected to the Center’s decision to do so.

KCR said that the Modi government has been trying to take away the power from the states with all of their new policies, and the latest electricity policy they are trying to introduce is the best example of that. Speaking of the issue in the assembly, KCR said that the state would not have the power to supply the farmers with free electricity anymore, if the Center took the power into its hands.

While KCR is strongly objecting to the changes in the electricity control, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy, who shares a great friendship with KCR, has extended his support to the Center’s policy. He has said that he would be transfering money into the bank accounts of farmers, who could then use this money to pay their electricity bill.

It will definitely be interesting to see the YSRCP support the Center in the Lok Sabha, and the TRS oppose the Center in the Lok Sabha for sure, considering the close relationship TRS and YSRCP share

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