Kalyana Vaibhogam Daily Serial – E1456 – 27th Sep

Show/Serial:Kalyana Vaibhogam Daily Serial
Starring:Zee Artists
Channel:ZEE Telugu

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Serial Plot:
Kalyana Vaibhogam is a Telugu drama television series. The story revolves around Nithya, an innocent girl, who is married into Suryadevara’s family, who are cursed. Thayaru, a lookalike, takes Nithya's place and challenges Suryadevara family.
Kalyana Vaibhogam is Telugu drama zee television series. The story is about Nithya, who an innocent girl married into Suryadevara’s family, who are cursed. Thayaru, a lookalike, takes Nithya's place and challenges Suryadevara family.

Kalyana Vaibhogam Daily Serial

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Latest Episode :

E1456 – Part1 : Part2 – 27th Sep

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500 Crore Film With VV Vinayak! Is This True?

September 22, 2022

Young and talented hero Bellomkonda Srinivas is known for his action entertainers. He is currently busy working on the Hindi remake of Rajamouli’s super hit film ‘Chatrapati’. Mass director VV Vinayak will be making his directorial debut in Hindi with this film and it is expected to being made on a grand scale. VV Vinayak who launched Srinivas in Telugu with ‘Alludu Seenu’ took the responsibility of introducing him in Hindi too. Pen Studios is producing this film and they are hoping to earn big through the craze of Bellamkonda Srinivas among the North audience which he gained through dubbing films.

While the movie is yet to be completed, the ‘Pen Studios’ banner has reportedly offered another film to commercial director VV Vinayak. Confirming this, Bellamkonda Suresh who made movies like ‘Chenna Keshava Reddy’ with the mass director said, “Pen Studios watched the rushes of Chatrapathi remake. Impressed with the content, the production house offered VV Vinayak a film and the budget of this pan-Indian project is Rs 500 crores. More details will be announced soon.”

Talking about ‘Chatrapathi’ remake, he said that the film was delayed due to the issue of the dates with heroine Nushrat Bharuccha. The dubbing works are currently going on and the CG work is expected to take three months. Compared to the original, the action dose in the remake is going to be quite high and the film is expected to be wrapped up in 80 days as per the director.

KV Vijayendra Prasad who penned the original story has come onboard for the remake too and made necessary changes to suit the North Indian style. He has a great reputation in Hindi as he provided stories for movies like ‘Bahubali’, ‘Manikarnika’ and ‘Bhajrangi Bhaijaan’. The cinematography is being handled by Nizar Ali Shafi who worked on movies like ‘Bhale Bhale Magadivoy’, ‘Mahanubhavudu’ and others. Tanishk Bagchi is scoring music while Anl Arusu is the action choreographer. Sunil Babu who is one of the busiest technicians in India and had worked for films like Maharshi, Ghajini, Special 26, etc. is the production designer. Mayur Puri provides dialogues for the film. The cast of the film includes Sahil Vaid, Amit Nair, Rajendra Gupta, Shivam Patil, Swapnil, Ashish Singh, Mohammad Monajir, Auroshika Dey, Vedika, Jason and others apart from Bellamkonda.