JC Diwakar Reddy: Jagan earns Rs. 300 Crores everyday

Ex-minister and TDP senior member, JC Diwakar Reddy retired from active politics in 2019, ahead of the general elections. While in power, Diwakar Reddy was highly infamous for the way he spoke and abused others, and for his general way of talking.

However, after quitting active politics, following the lack of power, JC’s position has not been that good in his own constituency. The situation has become so bad that some people say JC is very close to giving up politics as a whole.

While pressure from the ruling party is building up on one side, continuous cases are not making matters any easier for him. Despite all of his troubles, JC doesn’t seem to have lost his fire, once again proven by his recent statements.

JC said that the Chief Minister, Jagan Mohan Reddy earns Rs. 300 Crores every day. No one knows what he intended to achieve by this, but this statement has immediately become a hot topic in AP political circles. Almost everyone is questioning why earning 300 Crores every day should be surprising, and in turn, is saying that there are even better chances that Jagan is earning more than Rs. 300 Crores every day.

With netizens themselves asking these questions on the internet, whatever point JC has tried to make, has become moot. This only went on to prove that the common man is more than aware of what is going on in active politics, and how much every leader is earning.

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