Jagan to implement a freebie not in manifesto..! Boon or bane?

AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy, after his unanimous victory in the 2019 elections has become very popular for his welfare schemes which the opposition argues as a vote bank tactic and hurtful to the state but the YSRCP supremo has become increasingly confident over his trademark politics.

In that order, Jagan proudly announced that even the current meters for these new pump sets would be freely given. The AP CM asserted that he is implementing a new welfare scheme which is not at all a part of the pre-poll promises and the YCP government has pulled up their socks to implement the welfare schemes that were not promised in its manifesto.

Now, these free pump sets would mean an additional burden of over Rs. 1,600 Cr. for an already limping economy but this scheme would benefit farmers in over 144 rural assembly constituencies and also in over 19 semi-urban constituencies. But the YCP government says that it would be only to benefit small and marginal farmers.

So, the government should be crystal clear in these types of schemes as the beneficiaries have to be listed and maintain transparency to avoid unwanted ruckus from the opposition as well as they should be economically viable if this scheme is to cover a very small range of farmers.

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