Inside Talk: YS Sharmila to start ‘Manassakshi’ media house to backup her party?

YS Sharmila, the daughter of AP former CM late YS Rajasekhar Reddy, who has decided to set up a political party in Telangana, is making strides forward in that direction.

It is learned that Sharmila has already met various district leaders as well as various sections of people. YS Sharmila is taking advice from the leaders as well as the common people.

It seems that Sharmila’s preference is to come up with full clarity on these by the time she comes into the public.

Sharmila, who was not at all interested in politics during YSR tenure, is strategizing to confront KCR.

According to reliable sources, Sharmila has decided to launch a new media house under the name ‘Manassakshi’. There are speculations that initially, she has decided to start a TV news channel to back up her party. But now, she has decided to launch both the TV news channel and Newspaper.

It remains to be seen whether senior journalist K Ramachandra Murthy will head Sharmila’s new media house or not.

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