Illogical Criticism On Pawan Kalyan Makes Fans Angry!

Political life is not that easy and every action and word of the politicians

is observed with a magnifying glass. Having luxury cars and wearing costly dresses also make them a target. With the emergence of social media, even the small news gets highlighted. No one can escape the trolling.

Powerstar Pawan Kalyan became the target of trolling after his recent clicks went viral. Pawan Kalyan was recently clicked with director Krish and music director Keeravani as the makers are focusing on the upcoming Pan-India film Hari Hara Veera Mallu.

The watch and shoes Pawan Kalyan wore in the pics are very costly and it is said that they cost around lakhs. Using old statements of Pawan that he has no money to pay the EMIS, the trollers are asking how Pawan Kalyan got money to spend lakhs on shoes and watches.

The unwanted criticism on Pawan Kalyan did not go well with Pawan Kalyan fans and they are hitting back at the trollers. Pawan fans are asking the trollers not to personally attack the top star of the Telugu industry.

What the trollers are missing here is that Pawan Kalyan is one of the top paid stars in the industry and he takes big remuneration to act in films. Given the fat paychecks he takes home, Janasenani can easily afford the accessories he is using.Lakhs is not a big amount for Pawan Kalyan as he earns in crores. It is illogical criticism aimed at Pawan Kalyan on the costly shoes and watches he wears.

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