Hyderabad : Engineering student goes missing from hostel

Watch Hyderabad : Engineering student goes missing from hostel

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‘Real Truth’ behind Chiranjeevi’s political brain game

February 22, 2020

Megastar Chiranjeevi merged his Praja Rajyam Party in National Congress and said that he will solely focus on movies. He did that part right and is doing movies on a trot. But his recent actions are creating many doubts among the AP political circles.

He met Jagan a couple of times personally and is praising Jagan in every meet disregarding the situation. He is the first person from the film industry to welcome Jagan’s three capital decision when his own brother Pawan Kalyan is in the opposition.

Now as centre is willing to give YSRCP two or three ministries at centre there are speculations that Chiranjeevi will get a Rajya Sabha seat. There is another theory that Jagan kept Chiru close for the sake of Kapu votes. None of the two made any statement on these rumours yet but it seems like something is going on inside.

Some analysts say that Chiranjeevi has a whole other reason for this close relationship with Jagan Mohan Reddy. Most of the Tollywood market depends on Mega Heroes movies and they have some major production houses. So keeping the government in the tabs is always a necessary element for Chiranjeevi.

On the other side, his in-law, Apollo’s Prathap Reddy is a close aid for Jagan and has good ties with YSRCP leaders and Chiru is maintaining that stature for the sake of his family and their future. Yet we cannot rule any political angle and we might see a quick move from Jagan in return for his favours.