Hitler Gari Pellam Daily Serial – E166 – 27th Feb

Show/Serial:Hitler Gari Pellam Daily Serial
Starring:Nirupam & Zee Artists
Channel:Zee Telugu

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Hitler Gari Pellam

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Latest Episode:

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Acclaimed Director Hints At ‘Drishyam 3’ In the Future!

February 23, 2021

There are a lot of Malayali films that are grabbing the attention of the entire country in recent times. ‘Drishyam 2’ is definitely the biggest of them. Starring Mohanlal in the lead, this sequel of ‘Drishyam’ which released directly on Amazon Prime Video won the acclaim of critics and impressed everyone. People loved the gripping narration and twists in this film. The first part was remade into multiple languages and the Venkatesh is about to start working on the second part from March. Despite the OTT release, many filmmakers are showing interest in remaking the sequel in other languages.

Jeethu Joseph who directed the two parts has gained a lot of fame and praise from everyone. He is going to handle the Telugu remake too. In the meanwhile, he hinted at a possible continuation of ‘Drishyam’ series at the end of the second part. Joseph ended the film by saying that George Kutty has to be alert at all times and be protective of his family.

Fans are expecting a third part too. It took 8 years for Jeethu Joseph to make the second part since he did not originally plan it. But as soon as the idea struck him, Joseph went ahead with the project. In the same manner, we can expect the third part from this talented director in the coming days.