Guppedantha Manasu Daily Serial – E882 – 30th Sep

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Guppedantha Manasu

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Today’s Episode:

E882 – Part1 : Part2 – 30th Sep

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Recent Random Post:

Mega Fans Celebrate As RC Completes 16 Years As Hero!

September 28, 2023

Mega Power Star Ram Charan entered the film industry with ‘Chirutha’ which came out back in 2007. Puri Jagannadh gave a perfect launch pad for him and showcased all his talents. Right from that moment, people knew that he was destined to become a star who would reach great heights in the future. He has completed 16 years in Telugu Film Industry and his constant growth over the years is truly marvellous.

He scored an industry hit just with his second film ‘Magadheera’ which came out in 2009. Rajamouli presented him as a great warrior and fans were spellbound by this movie. Though his next movie ‘Orange’ was a huge cost failure, the movie aged like fine wine and people started calling it a classic. People flocked to theatres for its re-release recently. His journey had its share of ups and downs. Though his movies like ‘Racha’ and ‘Nayak’ worked at the box office, he faced a lot of criticism and people questioned his acting skills a lot. Many called him a ‘Single Expression’ hero as well.

He had a dry run at the box office during this time as he did movies like ‘Bruce Lee’, ‘Govindhudu Andharivaadele’, ‘Zanjeer’ and others. At this time, he bounced back with ‘Dhruva’ and made a superb film like ‘Rangasthalam’ which brought out the real actor in him. He was amazing in the role of Chitti Babu and delivered an award-worthy performance. He shut his haters down. After a disappointing ‘Vinaya Vidheya Rama’, he dedicated three years of his time for ‘RRR’. It is Rajamouli who took him to the next level once again. From Mega Power Star, Charan became a Global Star who gained international acclaim. His controlled performance in ‘RRR’ was an absolute delight to watch. He is constantly improving himself and may he grows bigger and better with each film from now on.

Ram Charan is currently doing a pan-Indian political drama titled ‘Game Changer’. Legendary filmmaker Shankar is directing it and Charan is doing a double role and there are humongous expectations. Charan recently became a father as well and he is doing great on both fronts. Hope he stays on top for the next couple of decades as well.