Guppedantha Manasu Daily Serial E529 – 18th Aug

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Guppedantha Manasu

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Today’s Episode:

E529 – Part1 : Part2 – 18th Aug

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Recent Random Post:

Pawan Kalyan unveiled Kalapuram Trailer which is full of entertainment

August 12, 2022

Not just the audience, but also the critics, were taken aback by director Karuna Kumar’s choice of making films. He is now preparing to delight audience with the situational comedy drama ‘Kalapuram,’ captioned “Ee Oorlo Andharu Kalakaarule.” Rajini Talluri is producing the film through R4 Entertainments, while Zee Studios is backing it.

The freshly revealed posters, teaser, and other movie content wowed the crowd. And all of the rich promotional content has piqued people’s interest in the film, which will be released in theatres worldwide on August 26.

With the release date approaching, the makers surprised everyone with an intriguing trailer. Powerstar Pawan Kalyan introduced the filmmaking and acting madness of “Kalapuram,” to the world. He unveiled the trailer and wished the entire team the best of luck.

And the 1:57-second trailer introduces the characters and their challenges in a humorous way. The director and a producer who want to make a film, and the producer condition to shoot some of its parts in his village Kalapuram, and the twist in the story comes after that with the entry of police for money and the baddie. How will director Sathyam Rajesh finish his film?

The makers drew attention with their rich visuals and production. All of the characters appear to be fascinating. Karuna Kumar, a talented director, is all ready to delight the audience with this situational comedy.

Satyam Rajesh, Chitram Srinu, Rakshit Atluri, and the others star. Karuna Kumar is working on a Kalapuram film that is distinct from his previous two films. This entertainer will be released in theatres on August 26. The music for this film is being composed by Melody Brahma Manisharma.