Guppedantha Manasu Daily Serial E525 – 13th Aug

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Today’s Episode:

E525 – Part1 : Part2 – 13th Aug

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Recent Random Post:

Poster Talk: The Era Of ‘Salaar’ Begins From 28th September!

August 15, 2022

The much-awaited update from Rebel Star Prabhas’ upcoming high-budget action flick ‘Salaar’ is finally here. On the occasion of Independence Day, the makers of ‘Salaar’ released a dynamic poster which is making the fans go crazy. Prabhas is looking macho with bulging muscles and this poster promises a mass treat in theatres.

Also, the makers have announced that the film will be releasing worldwide on 28th September 2023. The hashtag #TheEraOfSalaarBegins has been used and the expectations are going over the roof after this announcement. The movie has more than one year to hit the screens but the macho looking Prabhas with swords in both his hands is just an amazing sight to look at.

This might be a still from a high-intensity action scene as the background showcases a lot of bodies lying around. It is a typical Prasanth Neel poster with dark tones all over and fans are expecting another ‘KGF’ level movie from the director. Fans of Prabhas are pinning a lot of hopes on this action flick as last outings of their hero have been pretty disappointing. While his upcoming ‘Adipurush’ is a mythological film, ‘Project K’ belongs to science-fiction genre. ‘Salaar’ is the only mass entertainer for the fans to go wild in theatres. Let us see whether it happens or not.

Shruti Hassan is the female lead in this film while Ravi Basrur is composing the music. Homebale Films are bankrolling this project. Jagapathi Babu is playing a key role in ‘Salaar’ too. The other technical team includes Ujwal Kulkarni, Karthik, Ramarao, Anbariv, Bhuvan Gowda, Shiva Kumar and others. Let us wait and see how this movie is going to be.

Coming to ‘Project K’, it is directed by acclaimed filmmaker Nag Ashwin over a budget of 500 crores. Deepika Padukone is the female lead while Big B is playing a key role. Dani Sanchez Lopez is the cinematographer while Mickey J Meyer is the music composer. There are massive expectations on this project.

He even completed the shooting of ‘Adipurush’ which is based on the Indian mythology Ramayana. Directed by Om Raut, this project is produced by T-Series. Kriti Sanon will be seen as Sita while Saif Ali Khan plays the role of antagonist Lankesh in this massive project.