Gundamma Katha Daily Serial – E1561 – 25th Sep

Show/Serial:Gundamma Katha Daily Serial
Channel:Zee Telugu

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Serial Plot:
Gundamma Katha is a Telugu television drama series starring Pooja and Kalki. The story revolves around Geetha, an overweight girl who is taunted for being overweight and Ram, who dreams of marrying the most beautiful woman. However, fate has different plans for them, when Ram and Geetha are forced to marry under unavoidable circumstances. Will Geetha win a place in Ram’s heart?

Gundamma Katha Daily Serial

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Latest Episode:

E1561 – Part1 : Part2 -25th Sep

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Sampoo Returning After A Long Time With ‘Martin Luther King’!

September 19, 2023

Sampoornesh Babu made a name for himself with sarcastic films like ‘Hridaya Kaaleyam’, ‘Kobbari Matta’, ‘Singam 123’ and others. He is known for his spoof comedies and gained decent success too. He did a lot of movies at a point in that but they failed to become good hits.

After a long time, he is arriving with a political comedy film titled ‘Martin Luther King’. The title poster and first look have been released on social media a while ago and the makers have confirmed that it is hitting the big screens on 27th October. The poster shows Sampoornesh with a crown on his head and a few leaders are seen campaigning for votes too which is quite interesting.

Along with Sampoo, director Venkatesh Maha and Naresh are playing key roles too. This film is reportedly a remake of a Tamil hit flick titled ‘Mandela’. Yogi Babu did the lead role in the original and it was shortlisted in the Best Foreign Film Category for the Oscars by the Indian jury. It even bagged two National Awards.

‘Martin Luther King’ is expected to have a Panchayat elections backdrop and Pooja Kolluru is the director. After a gap of two years, Sampoornesh Babu is arriving with this flick and let us see how far he impresses the audience with this remake.