Gujarat Polls: Veteran Congress Leader’s Daughter Supported Modi?

The wait is finally over. The much-awaited elections in Gujarat started today which will be held in two phases. The Congress party pinned high hopes that it would come to power and crush the saffron party in its stronghold. The grand old party even said that people in the state are not happy with BJP.

Now a veteran Congress leader’s daughter spoke heavily about Narendra Modi and said that Modi has a strong personality and none can deny this. Her comments raised many eyeballs as he made these comments after casting her vote.

Senior Congress leader Ahmed Patel’s daughter Mumtaz Patel spoke to the media after casting her vote and spoke heavily about Modi. Stressing the fan following and popularity the Indian Prime Minister has, Mumtaz Patel endorsed Modi.

‘No doubt Modiji is a very strong personality, he has a very huge fan following. He has a following and I cannot deny that, we all agree to this,’ she said speaking to a popular news outlet.

The BJP supporters are saying that Mumtaz Patel’s comments talk about the winning chances of the party in the elections and are saying we can understand the impact BJP can make as opposition party leader’s made these comments.

Congress was never a strong force in Gujarat for the past three decades. Though Congress used to win elections in other states, BJP made the state a strong force. We cannot expect the grand old Congress coming to power or giving tough competition to the BJP.

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