Ganga Manga Telugu Serial – E541- 20th Mar

Show/Serial:Ganga Manga
Starring:Nalini, Viren, Vasudev, Sreevani
Channel:Zee Telugu

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Serial Plot:
Varma informs Jagadeeshwari and Rajeshwari that he lied to Chamundeshwari. Just then, Chamundeshwari walks in and insults Rajeshwari and Manga. She also threatens to get Varma married for the second time. Jagadeeshwari tries to convince her, but in vain. Meanwhile, Bhairamma sees Chitra trying to sell gold and confronts her. Chitra tells her about how Ganga came into her life when Samba walks in. Devamma, on the other hand, worries about the bond between Ganga and Gauri.

Ganga Manga

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Latest Episode:

E541– Part1 : Part2 : Part3 – 20th Mar

Previous Episode:

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