Full & Final : అధికారులపై CM Chandrababu ఆగ్రహం

Full & Final : అధికారులపై CM Chandrababu ఆగ్రహం

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I am A Student Even Now: Samantha!

July 20, 2024

Following a challenging year on both personal and professional fronts, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, a leading actress in the South Indian film industry, is poised for a comeback. While awaiting the release of her action web series “Citadel: Honeybunny,” she has revealed details about a new film that will commence shooting next month.

Prabhu’s last Telugu film, “Khushi,” fell short of expectations. However, she remains undeterred and expresses immense enthusiasm for this upcoming project. The role demands a high level of physical prowess, prompting Prabhu to undergo extensive training in martial arts, horse riding, archery, and sword fighting. Demonstrating her dedication to the craft, she emphasizes her lifelong commitment to learning and self-improvement, stating, “I am a student first and want to improve myself every day.”

Despite boasting a successful 15-year career in film, Prabhu maintains a refreshing perspective. She finds constant novelty in the industry, attributing it to the magic of cinema. “No matter what you do, there is still something new that movies teach us,” she says.

Currently, Prabhu is involved in a project titled “Maa Inti Bangaram.” Additionally, rumors suggest a potential collaboration with Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, which could be her biggest Bollywood opportunity yet. This news comes after reports of her declining a role opposite Salman Khan. It appears Prabhu is holding out for captivating projects within the Telugu film industry (Tollywood) as well.