Exclusive: Naga Shaurya’s hefty demand leaving producers shocked

It has been quite a while since young hero Naga Shaurya last scored a solid blockbuster at the box office. Almost all of his recent films tanked at the ticket counters.

However, that is not stopping Shaurya from quoting a hefty remuneration.

A well-placed source says Naga Shaurya is demanding Rs 4 crores remuneration per project and is not willing to take anything less than that.

Producers who are approaching Naga Shaurya are appalled after listening to his demand. They are not quite able to believe that the young actor is quoting such a high price despite being in a lean phase.

Shaurya is currently busy with multiple films in his hand and feels that he can regain his market with one big box office hit.

The Chalo actor is simultaneously shooting for Varudu Kaavalenu and Lakshya and both of them are nearing completion.

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