Exclusive: Bimbisara director on board for Balayya’s film with Geetha Arts?

Mallidi Vasisht, who made his directorial debut with the recently released Bimbisara, featuring Kalyan Ram in the lead role, has taken Tollywood by storm with Bimbisara, which turned out to be a roaring success at the box office, turning out to be a major breather for Tollywood, which has been suffering from the lack of a proper hit in the last few weeks.

It is now being said that Vasisht is in talks with Geetha Arts to direct Balayya. It was announced quite some time ago, around the time of Unstoppable, that Geetha Arts and Balayya would be collaborating for a film very soon, and that the search for a suitable director is on.

It would be interesting to see Balayya to team up with Vasisht, given that Vasisht has given a very massy film in the Bimbisara, elevating Kalyan Ram perfectly in the film. It is now to be seen how far these talks would go, and whether the film would ultimately materialize.

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