Ennenno Janmala bandham Serial – E248 – 5th Oct

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Ennenno janmala bandham

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Today’s Episode:

E248 –Part1 : Part2 – 5th Oct

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Recent Random Post:

Adipurush Criticism Turning Political Worrying Makers?

October 5, 2022

Post Baahubali, Prabhas became a big star and all his films are making his fans and movie lovers eagerly wait for his films. High ticket film Adipurush is one such film. But everything went upside down after the teaser was dropped. Many objections were raised from multiple corners.

People who pinned high hopes on the film as it is based on the Hindu epic Ramayana were not impressed with the teaser. The poor VFX added fuel to the criticism of the alleged misrepresentation of Ramayana. Netizens are also talking about boycotting the film.

The criticism forced the makers to focus on damage control. Director Om Raut already said that the VFX for the film was made keeping the big screen in mind and one cannot under the VFX by watching the teaser on YouTube. His statements received a mixed reaction.

Making it tough for the makers of Adipurush, the criticism turned political with a few politicians lashing out at the makers of the not-so-good VFX. The Hindu outfits and a few BJP leaders already came down severely on the makers.

Popular Kannada actor Malavika Avinash, who also serves as the BJP spokesperson blamed Bollywood for the wrong representation of the Hindu epic. She said that the makers did not do the correct research. She asked the makers if they know about NT Rama Rao, Rajkumar, and SV Ranga Rao who earlier portaryed such roles.

Joining the force, Uttar Pradesh deputy Chief Minister Brajesh Pathak lashed out at the teaser and said that they will not let anyone hurt the sentiments of Hindus. BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj also raised a few objections after watching the teaser.

On top of the severe criticism, the makers unveiled the teaser from Ayodhya city, the birthplace of Lord Rama as per Hindu beliefs. People are asking what is the point in launching such a teaser from Ayodhya city.

If the same continues, the criticism towards the film would increase for sure. Now all eyes are on the makers and we have to wait and see what they will do now. The makers are under severe heat.