ED Show in Telangana: Officials Grilling Ruling Party MLA!

The much-talked-about Casino row in Hyderabad grabbed the attention of the Enforcement Directorate. After key organizer Praveen was arrested, the central agencies dug deeper into the issue to grab key details. A few raids and arrests were made in Telangana in connection with the case.

The ED did not leave the Casino issue. TRS MLA Manchireddy Kishan Reddy is said to have reached the ED office for questioning. It is said that the MLA received a notice from the agency to be present at the office for questioning and the MLA went to the office.

Though nothing is official yet, media reports say that the MLA might have faced questions about the alleged FEMA violations. If we have to take anything from the reports, the ruling party Legislator was also asked about his bank transactions. The questioning has been happening since the afternoon.

On the other hand, the reports also say that the ED is focusing on alleged investments the MAL made in other states and a flood of questions are shot at him. Reports are abuzz about this.

However, the ED grilling is also facing severe criticism as the TRS sympathisers are saying that the grilling session might be a part of the attack against the ruling party. Highlighting how KCR’s daughter Kavitha was dragged into the scam, the followers are lashing out at the saffron party.

The reports and theories on the ED questioning will not stop until the ED or the MLA gives an update or makes an announcement. As the grilling session is expected to be finished by evening, we might expect a word or reaction from Manchireddy Kishan Reddy on why he was called by the ED and what questions he was asked.

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