Differences between Nani and TDP continue, but he won’t quit

TDP member and Vijayawada MP Kesineni Srinivas, more commonly known as Nani, has been in the news recently, for his conflicts with the other members of the TDP. The selection of the candidate for Vijayawada, in the upcoming Municipal elections, has especially turned out to be a major point of conflict and drama for the TDP, and for Chandrababu Naidu.

Kesineni is said to be dominating every other member of the TDP, regarding the selection of candidates for various wards. Kesineni has been trying to assert the candidature of a person who recently defected from the YSRCP to TDP in the 9th division of the corporation, instead of the party’s official candidate G Pujitha, who was selected by Naidu. Pujitha was suggested by and has the support of TDP legislative council member Buddha Venkanna.

This difference of opinion led to a huge war of words between Kesineni and Buddha, and their supporters. After Chandrababu Naidu preferred Buddha’s candidate over Kesineni’s candidate, Kesineni even deleted the images of Chandrababu and Lokesh from his Facebook pages, leading to huge speculations of Kesineni quitting TDP.

Naidu is said to have called Kesineni after this and tried to pacify him. He is said to have told Kesineni that this is not the right time for internal conflicts as winning the elections in Vijayawada is an important matter for the TDP. Kesineni has maintained a low profile after that, and sources close to him have said that Kesineni does not have any idea to quit TDP right now, and he might make a decision about his future when he thinks the time is right.

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