Did Narendra Modi’s Foreign Visits Help India?

Indian Prime Ministers visiting foreign nations is not a new thing and many Prime Ministers did it in the past. But the Prime Minister’s visit to other nations became a big topic after Narendra Modi took over the position. Compared to others Narendra Modi visited many nations as a Prime Minister.

The opposition parties and BJP critics often attack Modi on the same. They even accuse him of neglecting issues in his nation to visit other nations. No matter what Prime Minister Narendra Modi is visiting other nations due to various reasons.

Amid this Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s foreign visit issue was raised in the Rajya Sabha the other day. A question on how many times Narendra Modi visited foreign nations and the expenses that went into was raised in the house and the concerned Minister gave details on this in writing. As per the details, Narendra Modi went on 36 foreign trips as of now.

Minister of State for External Affairs V Muraleedharan said that Narendra Modi’s foreign visits began in 2017 with a three-day visit to the Philippines. He said that the majority of the money was spent on United States trips while the least was spent on the Japan trip.

The Minister said a total of Rs 239,04,08,625, was spent on his trips. Having said that, External Affairs maintained that the trips helped India maintain a healthy relationship with other nations and also put forward India’s viewpoint.

But the question is, did the foreign trips really help India or not? India is seen as a big player by other nations including the United States. Recently United States President Joe Biden said that no one can take India for granted.

Keeping aside all these issues, India got benefited with only one thing which is fuel. Despite heavy pressure from many countries including the United States India did not stop buying oil from Russia. On many occasions, India defended this move and said that it is putting the interests of its countrymen on top of other issues and it is not seeing this as a big mistake. India even asked if the war will stop if it stops buying oil from Russia.

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