Dhee Premier League Latest Promo – #DPL – 30th August 2023 @9:30 PM in #ETVTelugu -Pradeep Machiraju

Dhee Premier League Latest Promo – #DPL – 30th August 2023 @9:30 PM in #ETVTelugu -Pradeep Machiraju

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Allu Sirish’s ‘Buddy’ Postponed to Avoid Box Office Clash

July 18, 2024

Hyderabad, India (July 18, 2024) – Allu Sirish’s highly anticipated action-adventure film, ‘Buddy’, has officially shifted its release date from July 26th to August 2nd, 2024. Produced under the esteemed Studio Green banner by K.E. Gnanavel Raja, the film has generated significant buzz with its captivating trailer and engaging musical tracks.

Despite an initial plan for a July release, the makers have opted for a strategic postponement to avoid a box office clash with Dhanush’s ‘Raayan’, which is slated for a simultaneous Telugu and Tamil release on July 26th. Given Dhanush’s substantial Telugu fanbase, the decision to create a clear gap between the two films is seen as a prudent move to optimize ‘Buddy’s’ commercial potential.

Directed by Sam Anton, ‘Buddy’ features Sirish in the lead role as Aditya Ram, with Gayathri Bharadwaj as the female protagonist. The film’s antagonist is portrayed by Ajmal, while Prisha Rajesh Singh, Mukesh Kumar, and Mohammed Ali contribute to the supporting cast.

The technical crew boasts a talented lineup, including Krishnan Vasant for cinematography, Senthil for art direction, Ruben for editing, Sai Hemanth for writing, and Sakthi Saravanan for action choreography.

With the release date now set for August 2nd, the makers of ‘Buddy’ aim to capitalize on the advantage of a first-weekend release, hoping to maximize the film’s box office prospects. As Sirish looks to revive his career, the success of ‘Buddy’ holds significant importance for both the actor and the production team.