Corona lockdown: 12 Lakh calls to Dial 100

The state of Telangana has been under lockdown since March 23rd in view of Corona virus. However, the government has allowed supply of essential commodities and urged people to ‘Dial 100’ in case of emergencies.

But the people are misusing this ‘Dial 100’ feature and since lockdown, the police department has received 12 Lakh calls. Among this huge number there are only 78,039 calls that had valid reasons, informed the officials. They added that they receive between 10,000 to 20,000 calls in a day and most of them are fake calls. Especially the youth are taking advantage of ‘Dial 100’ and calling the cops for silly reasons.

On Corona suspects, the cops have received 2418 calls. Yet the police are monitoring all the calls and appealed to the people not to ‘Dial 100’ for silly reasons. If fake calls are made, the cops are getting confused between the real persons who need assistance.

This is something always happens. Miscreants turn playful during serious situation. The police should take serious action against those wasting the valuable time of cops who are working tirelessly in this lockdown.

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