Congress Seniors Behind Sidelining Revanth In Nagarjunasagar Campaign?

Why is the Telangana Congress not utilising Revanth Reddy the way it should have in Nagarjunasagar byelections? At a time when the Congress wants to prove a point and make a comeback in Telangana, why is it deliberately sidelining a dynamic and young leader, who is a darling of the crowds?

The Congress is making an all-out effort to come back into the political game in Telangana. It had performed poorly in Dubbak assembly bypolls, GHMC elections and the recent Graduate MLC elections. In the Graduate MLC elections, the party stood fourth in Hyderabad-Rangareddy-Mahabubnagar constituency and fifth in Warangal-Nalgonda-Khammam constituency. So, it needs to win Nagarjunasagar at any cost to stay relevant in Telangana politics. Hence, it had pitted a senior and seasoned warhorse like K Jana Reddy.

Yet, there is a concerted attempt to keep the biggest crowd-puller out of the campaign. Without doubt, Revanth Reddy is a dynamic campaigner and a fiery orator. There are many fans for his power-packed speeches that take on KCR and KTR. Yet, the party has not been using him the way he should be used. He has spoken at one or two programmes only. Beyond that, he is unused despite a great demand for Revanth Reddy in Nagarjunasagar. The seniors, it is alleged, are deliberately keeping him away from the campaign.

Many youths in the party feel that the party should use his services extensively in the coming five days to tilt the scales in favour of the Congress in Nagarjunasagar. But, the seniors seem to be in no mood to listen.

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