Chiranjeevi Lakshmi Soubhagyavathi Daily Serial – E21 – 1st Feb

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Chiranjeevi Lakshmi Soubhagyavathi

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Today’s Episode:

E21-Part1 : Part2 -1st Feb

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Recent Random Post:

Rumor: No fights in Pawan Kalyan-Sujeeth film.?

January 28, 2023

A short while ago, rumors started that there will be no songs or fights in Pawan Kalyan’s upcoming film under Sujeeth’s direction. This report is going viral on social media now.

Now, Pawan Kalyan’s fans are reacting to the same and they are ridiculing these rumors.

They are saying that the film itself is tentatively titled OG and that would naturally mean there will be a fair bit of action associated with it.

They are unable to comprehend how there might be no fights in the film.

These speculations are all over the internet now but fans aren’t too worried about it as there is still a fair distance to go for the commencement of the project and there will be more rumors like these along the road.