Chandrababu’s Amaravati is a fraud: Kodali Nani

AP civil supplies minister Kodali Nani came down heavily on TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu and hailed AP CM YS Jagan on proposing ‘Three Capitals.’

“A myth was created by Chandrababu that Amaravati lies in the centre of AP state. Did he measure with a tape? Where is India’s capital, New Delhi? It’s in the north and people from south will go all the way to New Delhi for work. Likewise where are Mumbai, Chennai and Bengaluru? Aren’t these days in the border of their respective states! So there is nothing wrong in having Vizag as Executive Capital and Amaravati as Legislature capital,” said Nani.

Mocking the TDP chief further, the YSRCP leader said, “Yes Amaravati is a divine place but this Amaravati is created by Chandrababu, not by Gods. Chandrababu’s Amaravati is fraud and he effortlessly bluffed the farmers of this region. CM Jagan had then cautioned the previous government not to hurry up in deciding the capital but Chandrababu did not bother about it. It’s Chandrababu who promised to develop Amaravati and how he can demand current CM Jagan now.”

Nani added that with help of his media, Chandrababu is doing false campaign that Jagan is targeting a particular community politically and financially. And it will be that community which will be loss, if Vizag is made capital. “To be honest, eighty percent of businesses in Vizag are being own by that particular community. So there is nothing loss for the particular community, if Vizag becomes capital and in fact they will benefit from it,” stated Nani in the assembly.

On asking Jagan to resign as referendum, Nani humiliated Chandrababu. “For Telangana agitation, KCR resigned twice despite being in opposition. He won and proved that there is Telangana sentiment. When Congress party is troubling Jagan, he resigned and won with a record majority. In the first elections, he won 67 MLAs and second elections, he became CM. If Chandrababu is seriously sincere in his efforts, he should resign first and go for by-elections,” said Nani.

Lastly the Gudivada MLA supported the ‘Three Capitals’ bill and hailed CM Jagan for making efforts for all round development of the state by developing three regions equally.

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