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Watch Chandrababu Election Campaign At Karaghpur For TMC || Mamata Benarjee || Elections 2019

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RGV takes a dig on Tollywood directors indirectly!

May 29, 2020

It is difficult to say what kind of statements Ram Gopal Verma would make on others. He sometimes intentionally lands in controversy with his bold comments. During the lockdown, when all the directors were confined to their homes, RGV made a film called “corona virus” and released the trailer. He indirectly took a dig on Tollywood directors and heroes, by saying “when everyone are at home washing utensils and cleaning floors, I’ve made a film.”

With this mocking sensational comments, he once again grabbed the attention of the people.

Earlier RGV made a film called “Climax” trailer. Amitabh Bachchan was also impressed by the trailer of the film and appreciated him.

Amid this awful situation, he also made a second film corona virus and released a trailer that was as good as a short film with it’s duration no lesser than 4 mins, which is unnecessarily too long to watch. He narrated the current circumstances of what kind of pathetic situation a family could face amidst lockdown, while being confined to their homes and also went on to claim that it is the first film made on corona virus.

Many netizens hailed him as a hero for making a film despite not having permits for the shoot. While few downright condemned for such a scary film being released during the troubled times and also shown discontent for the lengthy trailer. However, RGV mentions that the whole film was made indoors. The critics considered this as a reckless behaviour and questioned how he has done film without shoot permits and felt dubious whether the government is going to take any further action against him.