C/o Anasuya Daily Serial – E16 – 29th Oct

Show/Serial:C/o Anasuya Daily Serial
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C/o Anasuya Daily Serial

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E16 – Part1 : Part2 : Parth3 – 29th Oct

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Here’s Divi’s Break-Up Story

October 27, 2020

Divya Vadthya aka Divi got evicted from Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 during the seventh week of elimination. Dasara special episode was hosted by Samantha Akkineni. Divi is one of the strongest contestants in the house and her elimination came as a huge surprise to her fans. It is being said on social media that Divi’s elimination is unfair but few reports suggest that she got fewer votes. The answer is best known to the show organizers.

Post her exit, Divi has been giving interviews to various online portals. In one of her interviews, she said about her break-up story. She stated that “I was in a relationship for a long time.” She added that her beau’s brother died due to malaria. He used to stay in village and looked after his parents. Later, Divi’s beau shifted to village to look after his parents. Divi told him that she can’t adjust to the village environment and they parted their ways with mutual understanding.

Divi has become a household name during her stint in the show. She enjoys a decent fan following in two Telugu states. We hope, Divi’s career will change after her exit from Bigg Boss house. Can’t wait to see her in movies.