Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Boat task to decide the fate of housemates!

Kumar Sai, who entered Bigg Boss Telugu 4 after much hype in the mid night, hid like a thief and tried to talk to Devi there. Devi noticed that someone had come into the house and dared to look at his face. Kumar, however, insisted to not reveal until the housemates come to see him. Then they welcomed Sai Kumar and sensed that he had been given wild card entry into the house.

On Monday, Bigg Boss gave his contestants a task where a boat was arranged inside the house and the contestants were instructed to sail as part of nomination.

He said any of the members will not allowed to disembark after boarding the boat until horn beeps. The boat halts between nine shores, that means 9 people will get off and be in nomination, which would decide the fate of who would stay in the house .

This raised suspicions as to which of the BB4 housemates should be unloaded from the boat. Gangava was suggested to go down first by a contestant owing to her age. In the interim, Noel says that the bond should not be disrupted. However Gangavva steps down, then Noel gets down in third round, followed by Monal in fourth round, Sohail and eventually Karate Kalyani, Rajasekhar, Kumar, Harika and Abhijit disembarked in the final round. However Sujata, Mehboob, Divi and Akhil stayed till the end .

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