Bigg Boss beauty says the show is like a drug

Young Telugu actress Divi Vadthya is the latest contestant to get evicted from the Bigg Boss house. She made her way out of the house last weekend after bagging the least votes in the elimination race.

Speaking about the show, Divi made an interesting comment. “Bigg Boss show is like a drug. You never what’s going on at present and what’s going to happen. I did enjoy my time in the house as it was a new experience for me personally,” she said.

Divi further added that she gained some attention through the reality show and is happy with it.

“However, TV is never really my thing. I was approached for a few TV serials prior to Bigg Boss but I rejected those offers. My aim is to make it big in movies. If not an actor, I would be assisting a director or a technician,” she says.

The young actress claimed she was very honest with every contestant in the Bigg Boss.

“I shared a final conversation with Bigg Boss contestants but this part was not telecasted for some reason,” she concluded.

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