Big boss Telugu 4: Kannada star Sudeep makes a special entry; makers omit elimination

Yesterday’s 85th episode of Big boss Telugu 4 began with Nagarjuna’s stylish entry with ‘Soggade Chinni Nayana’ melody. Also all members grooved to few dance numbers.

Nagarjuna urged the members to go to the confession room individually. Ariyana couldn’t go at first and weeped. Meanwhile Sohel went in straightaway and finished the errand. Harika and Akhil likewise finished the task. Subsequently Monal, Abhijeet, and Avinash finished the task. Nagarjuna played the video of Sohel and Akhil in the confession room and everybody snickered. At last, Ariyana got into the room and finished the task.

Later Kannada Superstar Kicha Sudeep made a special entry to the house and astonished the housemates. He shared that the first two Telugu films he ever watched in the theatres are ‘Geethanjali’ and ‘Shiva’.

Sudeep asked Avinash who might he kill, date, and wed among the three young ladies in the house.
Avinash said that he would date Monal, wed Harika, and kill Ariyana. The actor asked what is imperative to Harika; faithfulness or winning. She opted for faithfulness. Likewise he asked every contestant some quirky questions. Lastly Sudeep said that Akhil is in safe zone and left the stage.

Nagarjuna gave three choices to Avinash. He can avoid the eviction free pass/ use the pass or hand it to Ariyana who is in the danger zone. Avinash said that he would utilise it for himself this week. However, inmates got saved as makers omitted elimination.

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