Bharya Daily Serial – E245 – 16th Feb

Show/Serial:Bharya Daily Serial
Channel:Maa TV

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Bharya Daily Serial

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Latest Episode:

E245 –Part2 : Part2 – 16th Feb

Previous Episode:

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Teaser Talk: Makes You Reopen The ’10th Class Dairies’ Again!

January 26, 2022

There is nothing sweeter than remembering our childhood days and walking down memory lane with our friends. It reminds you of the time when the time wasn’t running fast and things were less complicated. That is why we take time out of our busy schedules and try to reconnect with our friends through reunions or get-togethers. The recently released teaser of ’10th Class Dairies’ is sure to bring the nostalgic feel back to your mind.

The teaser showcases a group of friends meeting again after a long time at a reunion. Sriram plays the lead role in this movie and he searches for Chandini who is his first love. He realizes that her life got very complicated because of what he did at a young age.

Along with Sriram, we can see Srinivas Reddy, Archana, Bhanu Sree, Geetha Singh and others playing key roles in this movie while Avika Gor is the female lead. This is a soft movie with touching emotions that connects with the audience. Directed by ‘Garudavega’ Anji, this film is produced by Achut Ramarao and Ravi Teja Manyam. Suresh Bobbili is the music composer while Chinna is giving the background score. Prawin Pudi is the editor of this movie.