Bharateeyudu 2 – Official Trailer | Kamal Haasan | Shankar | Anirudh | Subaskaran

Bharateeyudu 2 – Official Trailer | Kamal Haasan | Shankar | Anirudh | Subaskaran

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Sri Satya Spills: Lip Filters and Departure from Dhee Show

July 15, 2024


Sri Satya, a breakout contestant from Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6, continues to captivate audiences. Having garnered significant recognition from the reality show, Satya is now navigating a new chapter in her entertainment career.

Satya has addressed recent discussions surrounding her appearance, confirming she underwent cosmetic procedures, including lip fillers, to enhance her on-screen persona for potential film roles. She remains unfazed by rumors regarding her income, stating, “Some people say I earn six lakhs a week… I don’t care… If I earned that much, wouldn’t I have bought a car? I don’t even have my own car yet.” This statement dispels exaggerated claims about her financial situation.

Satya also shed light on her recent exit from the popular dance show “Dhee.” She emphasized that the decision was not due to any production-related issues but rather a result of the show’s declining ratings. Satya explained, “[The] Dhee show was not getting any ratings… there was a problem from the channel… she left Dhee show.”

Despite these obstacles, Satya remains steadfast in her ultimate goal of becoming a leading actress. She actively seeks opportunities, confident that her dedication will pave the way for success. “The heroine is trying for chances,” the article concludes. “Everyone says they feel better after using lip filler. It is said that the face also looks big and looks like a heroine’s face. And it remains to be seen when the heroine offers will come for Satya as the main lead.”

Satya’s journey exemplifies the perseverance and adaptability required in the entertainment industry. Her openness and focus on her aspirations make her a compelling figure, leaving audiences eager to see what roles await her in the future.