BB4 Telugu: Serial skit as a task and romance between housemates looked dramatic

In the latest 10th episode of Big boss 4 Telugu, Harika’s, Divi’s dance, and Devi’s comedy seemed to overshadow the boys. Romance between Monal and Abhijeet was brewing. Both talked about personal matters while Akhil fed Monal. Harika also dined on the same plate, while feeding Abhijit few morsels of food. Amma Rajasekhar made a mockery out of the over dramatic romantic scenes and pretended by falling on the ground and laughing at it.

In the morning, Harika wooed everyone with her captivating moves and did ramp walk with Akhil. Mehboob did a muscle show for a while. After that, he picked up Divi and turned around in front of Rajasekhar. With this, the master, who was jealousy, asked him to pick up Kalyani. However he hesitantly took her in arms and succeeded.

As part of the task, the housemates did a skit based on a serial. In this mother-in-law Kalyani, her son Abhijit and daughter-in-law Divi, American boy, Devi as a cunning servant and Saikumar’s role as a forgetful accountant looked dramatic. Gangavva grabbed a broom and smashed Noel, while Harika, Sohail and Ariana, who were doing commercials in the middle of the serial. It all went entertaining with a marriage proposal from Rajshekhar as a family to see the bride Monal.

Afterwards all the members of the house got together and danced to the rap song. In tomorrow’s episode, Abhijit, Monal, Akhil Triangle Love Story need to be seen further.

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