Bandham Telugu Serial – E801 – 21st Aug

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E801 – Part1 : Part2 : Part3 – 21st Aug

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Recent Random Post:

“Ashtadigbandhanam” (A Game with Crime) is ready for release on September 22

September 20, 2023

Produced by Manoj Kumar Aggarwal under the banner of MKAKA Film Production, written and directed by Baba PR, the film is subtitled “Ashtadigbandhanam” (A Game with Crime). The film will release on September 22.

The trailer of this movie which was recently released by the director of the movie “Baby” Sai Rajesh has reached one million views on YouTube.

In the trailer which is full of action sequences, the voice over saying “War always wants to sacrifice. This war is not for the kingdom, not for the queen, not for the power.. only for the ego” is impressive. The dialogue at the end of the trailer, “The war that starts with the ego.. ends when the ego leaves the body” is very good.

The trailer of this movie made with all newcomers with a different concept, seemed promising. Recently launched by “Uppena” movie director Buchibabu Sana, the song “I am with you” from this movie is also impressive with its fresh tune. Jackson Vijayan, who scored the music for the super hit Malayalam film “Trance”, is making his debut in Telugu with this film.

The absence of big films this week is an advantage for Ashtadigbandhanam film. Ashtadigbandhanam movie is written and directed by Baba PR, Produced by Manoj Kumar Aggarwal, Music by Jackson Vijayan, Edited by Satya Giduthuri, Camera by Babu Kollabathula & PRO is Suresh Kondeti is Releasing on this week Friday (September 22).