Balakrishna Does’t Know Who AR Rahman Is!

Nandamuri Balakrishna doesn’t come in front of the media very often and he makes sure that he grabs the headlines whenever he gives an interview or appears in public. Known for his aggressive and no holds barred attitude, Balakrishna has shocked many people with his statements before. In a recent interview given to a popular television channel, he once again raised many eyebrows.

The interviewer asked Balakrishna about the music of his evergreen hit ‘Aditya 369’. The senior star heaped praises on legendary composer Ilayaraja by saying the one wouldn’t recognise that he is the composer of ‘Aditya 369’ as he showcased many variations in the album. He was in all praise for the yesteryear composer what attracted the attention of many were his comments on Oscar-winning composer AR Rahman.

Balayya said that he heard someone called AR Rahman won an Oscar and claimed that he doesn’t even who Rahman is. After that, he suddenly took a drastic turn and shifted the discussion towards his father Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao and Bharata Ratna. He told, ‘I feel Bharat Ratna NTR kaligoru ki samaanam (Bharat Ratna is equal to NTR’s toenail). So those awards must feel bad, not my family or my father.’

Respecting his father is one thing but comparing India’s highest civilian award to someone’s toenail is certainly not correct especially if it comes out from the mouth of a big hero who has the power to influence a set of people as per many experts. On the whole, Balakrishna managed to strike a controversy once again with his shocking statements.

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