Avengers Beats Baahubali (hindi)

For the first time ever, since Baahubali Hindi version displaced the hopes and dreams of many Hindi biggies, an unthinkable has happened. First time after years, Baahubali 2 record got broken when it comes to first week collections.

After one week of a run at the box office, Avengers: End Game has collected a whopping 260 crores nett from the Indian box office from all the versions it got released in. Guess what, our very own Baahubali 2 Hindi version is more than 10 crores short of this as it collected 247 crores back then. This is followed by Sultan (229 cr in 9 days), Tiger Zinda Hai (206 Cr) and Sanju (202 Cr). And that makes Avengers take No 1 position at Bollywood box office. However, if we take Baahubali 2 (all versions), then it is nearly 420+ crores share, an unbeatable feat for any other film till date.

Though many Bollywood films tried to beat Baahubali 2 collection for a long time, none of them has succeeded. But finally Hollywood movie Avengers has done it, however, Bollywood is still not happy because a native Hindi film is yet to take the Top 1 position. Now they have to beat both Baahubali and Avengers to get to the pinnacle.

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