AP Kammas, Dreaming Too Much!

The Kammas have special character, be it in politic or business. They are enterprising and have a vision ahead of others – for good or bad.

Certainly, their entrepreneurship or vision is aimed at getting the greater benefit for them and some for the rest.

This selfish entrepreneurship and vision was the reason for the Telangana people to fight to free their region from the influence of these visionaries. They were the target then and the movement continued till they freed Telangana from Kammas.

Having lost Hyderabad, the Kammas have decided to keep the rest of Andhra Pradesh under their control. That was how Amaravati was born.

The lands were purchased by them at cheaper prices even before it was declared as capital by the government. Several others also purchased lands, but the major stake was for the Kammas and that is the fact.

The dreams that they had for Amaravati and the initial steps that they have taken at every stage were to consolidate their position in the 13 districts, with Amaravati as seat of power.

They wanted Amaravati as the Kukatpalli of Hyderabad, of the Banjara Hills and Jubilee Hills of Hyderabad.

Now, with the change of guard in the State and a non-Kamma sitting in the hot seat, the Kammas are feeling the heat.

They forgot that the power is just for five years and keeping people of other castes out of the reach of Amaravati (the seat of power) will also lead to change of power from their hands.

It is too late now as elections are four-and-a-half years away from now. It is also too hard to protect the seat of power (Amaravati) as they are not in power.

Having lost the electoral battle, they are sure of losing the seat of power too and that shocks them most.

Losing power, they initially thought, was a loss to Chandrababu Naidu and a few of his party leaders. But, now, they are realising that the losing power in elections is loss to every one of them – Kammas.

It is for this reason, even the women from these families have come on to the streets of Vijayawada. These women have never come out of their homes either in Samaikyandhra or in the movement for special category status to the state.

But, their coming out of homes and fighting on the streets, was to save the investments that they have made in Amaravati.

Naidu made them dream big. Naidu made them to visualise Amaravati 50 years ahead. They believed in him and invested.

The locals and the NRIs followed whatever Naidu told them in the last five years. They dreamt big about Amaravati, simply going by the digital presentation of Chandrababu Naidu, and invested for the future.

But, today, their dreams have shattered. They have lost power and are now set to lose the seat of power from their hands.

It is something like their wealth being taken away from them. This dream is very disturbing and uncomfortable.

In the process of dreaming big, they are either walking away from the rest of the society or causing hatred against them by the rest of the society, which is good neither for their future nor for that of the State.

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