AP Governor Talks To Key People

The Andhra Pradesh Governor had spent some time with some important persons of the government during the Republic Day celebrations on Sunday.

He had met Assembly Speaker Tammineni Sitaram, Council Chairman M A Shariff and political secretary Praveen Prakash, after the RD parade in Vijayawada.

The Governor had held a meeting with Council Chairman M A Shariff had collected information from him on the government’s two bills that were introduced in the Council and were referred to the select committee, much against the wishes of the government.

The chairman had reportedly given the list of the members of the Council with party positions and the issues connected with the two bills of the government.

The Governor had reportedly sought clarification from Shariff on the discretionary powers that he had used in the Council to send these bills to the select committee and the possibilities of the parties’ strength in the select committees.

The Chairman had told the Governor that the select committee would be headed by the Ministers concerned and the members are chosen from the parties as per their strength.

In this situation, the TDP would get majority members in the committees as they have more members in the House.

The Governor had also held talks with the Assembly speaker on the rule position and the possibility of the House passing a bill for abolition of the Legislative Council.

He had also sought clarity on the draft bills or other related information from the Speaker on the Council’s abolition in 1985 and restoration in 2007.

The Government had also summoned IAS officer and political secretary to the government, Praveen Prakash and sought some information from him on the Government views and the rule position.

Praveen Prakash had also briefed the Governor about the mood of the people and the mood of the government on the decentralization of the capital and the move to abolish Legislative Council.

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