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Covid-19: A Tamil director becomes a grocer amidst the pandemic

July 4, 2020

Due to the unpredictable scenario in the movie business resulting from covid-19 pandemic, a Chennai-based movie maker, Anand opened up a grocery market to make a decent living during the troubled times.

Subsequent to being in the Tamil film industry for more than 10 years, Anand had been wanting to come back to the film business until he understood that the situation of cinemas in the nation will bounce back to normalcy. He soon predicted that the fear among the crowd and worsening circumstances have not reduced and would take atleast a year. Utilizing his saved funds, and some support from his dear companion, he began a provisional store in Chennai’s Mowlivakkam.

“During the lockdown time frame, I was just restrained in my home. At the point when I came to realize that essential food items and shops have been permitted to open in Tamil Nadu, I chose to open one. I sell all products including oil, pulses, rice and that too at a very less price to get more buyers. I am happy,” Anand said. He further added saying that movie theatres would not be opened any time sooner unless the recreational activity areas, pubs, shopping malls etc resume.

The director is known for making budget films viz., ‘Oru Mazhai Naangu Saaral,’ and ‘Mouna Mazhai’. His last film ‘Thuninthu Sei,’ is in the final stage of completion but shelved due to lockdown.