America Ammayi Episode – E940 – 21st July – Final Episode

Serial Name

America Ammayi Telugu Serial

Channel : Zee TV Time : 7:00 PM
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Latest Episode:

E940 –Part1 : Part2 – 21st July

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E810- Part1 : Part2OR Click Here -20th Feb
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E806 – Part1 : Part2OR Click Here -15th Feb
E805 – Part1 : Part2 OR Click Here – 14th Feb
E804 – Part1 : Part2 OR Click Here – 13th Feb
E803 – Part1 : Part2OR Click Here – 12th Feb
E802 – Part1 : Part2 OR Click Here – 10th Feb
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E800-Part1 : Part2 OR Click Here – 8th Feb
E799-Part1 : Part2 OR Click Here – 7th Feb
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First Single On The Way From ‘Chaavu Kaburu Challaga’!

February 20, 2021

Young hero Karthikeya Gummukonda who impressed everyone with his performances in films like ‘RX100’ and ‘Gang Leader’ is in search of a solid hit right now. He pinned high hopes on his upcoming film titled ‘Chaavu Kaburu Challaga’ which is directed by debutant Koushik Pegallapati.

The posters and teasers released till date brought good hype on this flick in which Karthikeya will be seen as a Swargapuri vehicle driver who takes dead bodies to the graveyard. Lavanya Tripathi is the heroine and the lyric video of the first single ‘Kadhile Kaalannadiga’ is going to be released on 23rd February at 4:05 PM.

The makers officially released a poster to announce the song’s arrival in which we can see the hero looking at the heroine in amusement whilst sitting on a wall. This romantic comedy set in an interesting premise is produced by Bunny Vas under ‘GA2 Pictures’ banner. Jakes Bejoy is the music composer of this film which is all set to hit the marquee on 19th March 2021.