Abhishekam Daily Serial – E3994 – 1st Feb – Last Episode

Starring:Ravi, Mounika
Channel:ETV Telugu

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Serial Plot:
Vinay overcomes many hurdles in his life. Though he is a family man, he ties the knot with Rekha to fulfill her last wishes. However, Rekha recovers miraculously and enters Vinay's life. ETV Telugu serial Abhishekam started in 2008 and has been running successfully. Watch all ETV serials in our website and kindly subscribe comment and share our site for more Tv content update.

Abhishekam Daily Serial

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Latest Episode:

E3994 – Part1 : Part2 – 1st Feb

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Recent Random Post:

Will Nani’s Hard Work Pay Off This Time?

March 25, 2023

Nani is taking the biggest risk in his career with ‘Dasara’. He is going pan-Indian this time and releasing the movie in Hindi, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam part from Telugu in which the movie was made. Nani worked in bilinguals before some of his movies were dubbed and released in other languages as well. But he is releasing ‘Dasara’ in all five languages at the same time. He is promoting this rustic rural drama quite heavily. Everyone in Telugu are surprised at the level of promotions Nani is doing for this flick.

Nani has already toured Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Kochi. He did not stop with one hour press meets in each city. He went to many cities with perfect planning. He is touring other cities as well like Lucknow and other South Indian places. Nani is making sure that the promotions are also being done on a pan-Indian scale. While he is an example for many youngsters when it comes to his journey in Tollywood, he is setting a standard in promotions as well.

Everyone is now eager to see if all the hard work Nani did till date will benefit him or not. There is a huge buzz around this film and people are curious to see how the openings are going to be in other regions. One cannot expect wonders but if the film connects to the North like ‘Pushpa’, there is no stopping Nani this time.

Keerthy Suresh will be seen as the heroine in this flick while Santosh Narayanan has composed the music. Naveen Nooli is the editor while Sathyan Sooryan ISC is the director of photography. Avinash Kolla is the production designer. Dheekshith Shetty plays a key role in this movie while Samuthirakani, Sai Kumar, Zarina Wahab and others play key roles. Sudhakar Cherukuri has produced this film on a grand scale. Directed by Srikanth Oodela, the movie is set in the backdrop of Singareni coalfields.