A Political Conspiracy Behind RRR Missing Oscar Nomination?

Why highly successful and critically acclaimed films RRR and The Kashmir Files did not make it to the official entry for Oscars from India is the big question now. Everyone is talking about this. The debate started when the two films were not selected and the Gujarati film ‘Chhello Show’ was picked by the Film Federation of India.

Though the Film Federation of India is saying that the selected film has a better story and emotional connect compared to RRR and The Kashmir Files, the issue turned political with the new debate of alleged Gujarati lobbying popping up.

A few experts and politicians believe that Gujarat favoritism might have resulted in RRR getting out of the Oscars race and Gujarat film making it to the final cut. The popular opinion says that, as the BJP is in power, Gujarati film was selected for the prestigious award, the Oscars.

Political experts started comparing the Oscars nominations to politics. Professor K Nageshwar Rao opined that like how Gujarat is getting funds and projects while Telangana was denied the projects, a Telugu film was not selected and Gujarat film was made it to the nominations. KTR added fuel to this and asked why no BJP leader from Telangana can talk about this and demand an explanation.

Politicians and analysts breathing fire on the Oscars nomination made the criticism intense. A few members of the Film fraternity are expressing shock over RRR missing the nomination. They ask how come the visual wonder RRR did not make it to the nominations.

No words can describe the success RRR saw. In its theatrical run, the Pan-India film set the box office on fire and emerged as one of the highest-grossing films ever made in the country. RRR is a sensation in the west. A few noted directors and writers fell in love with the film and praised the film to the sky.

So if RRR is picked for the prestigious Oscars, then the chances of the Pan-India film making it to the final stage would have been high. But the film was not picked. Even the critically acclaimed film ‘The Kashmir Files’ was also not selected.

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