Why everyone is wooing Krishamraju’s family?

Who will own up the legacy of actor-producer-politician Krishnam Raju, who passed away recently? Is it because of political reasons that the family members organized such a massive community feast in Mogaltur of West Godavar, where over a lakh people dined? Are all the major political parties vying to claim Krishnam Raju’s political legacy?

It is a fact that Krishnam Raju has been politically inactive for over 10 days. But, since he was in the BJP, the BJP tried to own up his legacy. It has even sent union minister of defence Rajnath Singh to Hyderabad to meet actor Prabhas and Krishnam Raju’s family members. Chandrababu Naidu too has gone over to Krishnam Raju’s residence and consoled the family members.

As for the YSRCP , it sent its ministers to join the funeral procession. Several ministers attended the Mogalturu community feast in memory of Krishnam Raju. They even promised to set up a Krisham Raju Smruti Vanam, a memorial park. The TDP was quick to say that the YSRCP was trying to woo the powerful Kshatriya community with an eye on the 2024 elections.

Meanwhile, there are reports that the BJP has asked Prabhas’s brother Prabodh to contest from the Narsapuram lok sabha constituency in the next elections. One does not know whether Prabodh agreed to contest. Meanwhile, there are also reports that Bhimavaram MLA Gandhi Srinivas offered to relinquish his seat if Prabodh wishes to contest. One does not know how Prabodh reacted. It remains to be seen how the family members react to this.

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